Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time for an Update

Okay, first off, I'm sure you noticed the ticker at the top. We are pregnant! I am very excited but very very nervous. This pregnancy has had me on edge more than once already. I experienced quite a bit of early cramping & spotting which is very scary given our previous miscarriage. But, we went to the Dr. after the spotting and we saw a little bitty heartbeat. We went back a week later for our check up and everything looked really good. So, it is encouraging to see a heartbeat but I really just can't wait to be out of the first trimester!

In other news, the weather here has been freezing...literally. Adam told me to wrap our pipes (why didn't he do this?) Any ways, I wasn't sure where our pipes were but I did my best. Later today I went into my bathroom and I heard a noise that sounded like rain. I thought it was weird because I'd just looked outside and it was clear. Then I went to get a drink of water and there was like, zero water pressure. And it clicked. I was like, oh crap we have a busted pipe. So, I run outside and see water spewing out of a pipe. Immediately I panic. Adam was at work so I'm like, okay, I have to shut the water off. And then I realize I have NO idea how to do that. (Really, I think every homeowner should know this LOL). Any ways, so I call my Dad because Adam wasn't answering and he tells me to turn it off (duh!) and I tell him I don't know how. He told me to hang tight and he'd be over in a sec. (He lives about 2 miles away). In the mean time, Adam calls me and talks me through how to turn the water off. So, my Dad calls me a few minutes later and I tell him I got the water turned off. He sounds frantic and I ask him what's going on and he says one of HIS pipes busted! I was like, what the heck, just now?! And he said, well I was going into the bedroom to get my shoes and I stepped onto the carpet and it SQUISHED. I was like, OH NO. My parents JUST re-did their carpeting so I can only imagine how freaked out my mom would be. (Mind you, she's out of town and panicking about the situation.) So, my Dad says that he runs to their bathroom and it's bone dry. So now he's really confused. Then it occurs to him to go outside and see if water is coming in from there. He sees that the concrete is wet then occurs to him to check our outside pool bath. He opens the door and literally TWO FEET of water rush out! Water was POURING out of the "fart fan" as he calls it. The ceiling literally looked like it was about to cave in he said. So, he ran to turn off the water at the faucet and the knob snaps off in his hand! So then he had to run and get his tools and turn it off at the street! The water had poured into the bathroom and then leaked under the walls and soaked the carpet. So, my dad called the plumber (who is charging emergency rates because apparently every one has busted pipes). Any ways, it's going to cost him hundreds of dollars in plumbing work, plus his hot water heater is busted & he has to repair the drywall.

I was thinking, wow, this little pipe of mine that busted doesn't seem so bad! I tell me Dad to try to convince his plumber to come over here (because everyone else is booked solid!). My Dad then continues talking with his plumber and the plumber tells my dad he wants to check their sprinkler system just in case. My dad hasn't seen his sprinkler system pipes really ever because they are far back in the yard in the woods. Any ways, the plumber goes to check them and my dad tags along to see what it looks like. When he gets there he asks the guy "is this top part only a sprinkler system part or is it used on regular pipes?" And the guy says no, that it's only a sprinkler system part. My dad then calls me and informs me that as a matter of fact, I do have water! I was very confused until he relays me the information the plumber had passed along. Sure enough, I went to turn on my water and yep, it was running just fine. (After I had shut off the pipe that was busted I never turned on my inside water b/c I just assumed it was connected!) I am very grateful that it's just a busted sprinkler pipe that should be really easy to fix ourselves.

Also, good news: The Cowboys are kickin' the Eagle's butt! Probably because I've been wearing my Cowboys pants all day. ;-)

Here is a pic of my pipe:

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