Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Behind

So, I've been a little behind! I promise to get back into the blogging more!

First off, great news! Adam got a promotion!!! Awesome! Not so awesome: his new schedule! He now works 4pm - 1am Tuesday thru Saturday. I don't really like this schedule but I know it's a great opportunity for him to move up and I'm very proud!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving minus the fact that we all had colds! Luckily, I only had to make a few things: mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, & Adam made his spinach. My mom brought turkey, stuffing & gravy and Adam's mom brought pie & green beans. I got the itch to do some baking the day before and made some AWESOME pumpkin cheesecake (if I do say so myself!) I made three of them for Adam to take to work and he said they were gone within minutes. :-) It didn't last long around here either!

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I think James will have a lot of fun! We got the tree up a few days ago and of course, James thinks that the ornaments are balls and hasn't quite grasped the "look, don't touch" concept. But, most of our ornaments are plastic and hung by string not hooks so there's not much trouble he can get into.

We haven't done our outdoor lights yet, with the exception of wrapping the pole. It's been raining the past few days so on Adam's next day off we're gonna try to get it done, assuming it's not raining!

I've gotten most of my shopping done - I did most of it online!

A lot of my time lately has been dedicated to home improvement projects. I am very thankful that we finally found some curtains that we like and have now ditched the vertical blinds in the living room! There were so annoying and they kept breaking! I promise to take some new pictures of the house and put them up once it's a little more in order around here! I also painted the kitchen & have started staining the cabinets. And no, we still haven't finished the trim on our floors. But we're getting there! Little by little!

I'm very excited about my brother coming into town for a couple of weeks, too! He will be here for Jimbo's 2nd birthday!!! YAY!!!

Okay, I think I've done a sufficient amount of blogging. I'll post pics soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hoping & Praying

Tomorrow we go to the Dr. to find out if this pregnancy is viable. I don't have a clue what's going to happen so I'm not going to speculate. All I can do is hope & pray. I will keep everyone posted.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Uh Oh - This is Trouble!

I came out of the bathroom today & what did I find?

He did this all by himself...he really likes turning lights on and off! Also, that is the shirt he wore at dinner. We had spaghetti - can you tell? :-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Baby Skunk!

So today, like most days, we decided to go outside after dinner to play. Adam was going to stay inside to work on some homework so it was just James and me. Well, I was strolling down the street and I saw what I thought was squirrel and I thought he was acting kind of funny. Well as I got closer I kept thinking that his tail was really weird too! Then I realized it was a baby skunk! (He was so cute, seriously. If the threat of smelling bad for a week didn't exist I swear I would have tried to pet him).

Any ways, I called Adam and of course he couldn't resist coming outside to see him. And then soon our neighbor Lloyd came outside. And before I knew it all the kids on the street were outside (this is a pretty common occurrence on our street). All the kids wanted to help catch the skunk! We wanted to take him over to the wooded area around the corner so he wouldn't end up stinkin' up our street! We got a box and some cat food (box provided by Wendy, cat food provided by us) and we finally caught the skunk! Then the boys (Adam, Austin F. and Lloyd) took the skunk in Lloyd's truck over to the woods and let him go. And no one got sprayed! Success!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mother's Day Out!

Today was James's first day of Mother's Day Out. He did awesome! We woke up, ate breakfast (Cheerios & Cream of Wheat) and got dressed. Then we took the mandatory first day of school picture:

On the way:

Once we got there he was a little fussy when I tried to put him down but once he saw the ball he was as happy as a clam!

When I went to pick him up he started fussing when he saw me. I'm not sure if he was mad that I left him or mad that I was picking him up! But he colored a picture of himself (well, it's a picture of a boy any way) and he actually napped for an hour and a half. His report card said he was slightly fussy in the morning but happy for the rest of the day. I'm so proud of my big boy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shopping at Hubbell & Hudson

James had a blast shopping at Hubbell & Hudson last night...and surprisingly, he didn't run over any one while pushing his little cart!

Monday, August 24, 2009

He Loves His Doggies

This is how we found him last night!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Incubus = Stinkubus

So, last night Adam and I went to the Incubus concert. I bought the tickets about 4 months ago thinking it would be a nice baby-free date night. Well, I woke up feeling icky that morning. Just very worn down and we both had headaches so needless to say it wasn't the best start to the day. I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who let me nap 3 hours (!) during the day and to have made me dinner & gave James a bath before we dropped him off at YiaYia's house. Around 5 it started pouring down rain and there were thunderstorm warnings all over the place, but the concert didn't start until 8 so there was time for it to die down. (Though we had covered seats so it wasn't a huge deal).

Any ways, we dropped James of at YiaYia & Pop's around 7 and headed over to Borders to kill some time before the concert. (We didn't really care about the opening act - The Duke Spirit). But as it turned out there was a tornado warning and when the Pavilion says "Rain or Shine" they don't mean Tornado or Shine. So around 7:45 they kicked every one out of the Pavilion. (We were in Borders looking at books when a bunch of concert-goers came in and gave us the scoop). Any ways, around 8:30 they started letting people back in so we checked out and left. By the way, Adam bought Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse by Victor Gischler & I got When You Wish by Kristin Harmel.

When we got to the Pavilion we had to get searched (for guns, knives, etc) and because of this, it took forever to get through the ticket line. Once we were finally through we went to our seats (Section 106, Row N, Seats 4&5). When we got to our seats The Duke Spirit were still on (and they wouldn't have been half bad if the singer didn't sing). Any ways, around 9 they finally left the stage and it was a full 30 minutes before Incubus came on. In the Woodlands, performers can't go past 11 pm without getting fined because we are a "master planned community" and they don't want the concerts to disturb the residents. So we were already ticked that we were only going to see an hour and a half. We paid almost $150 for these tickets for an hour and a half? We weren't pleased. (When we went to see John Mayer he played for almost 3 hours). Any ways, to top it off, they weren't that good! They sounded like the do on the radio which says something for his vocals and such, but it was literally like being at home listening to the CD. They didn't interact with the audience. I think Brandon Boyd (the lead singer) maybe said 10 words to the audience during the first 5 songs. It was very disappointing. We ended up leaving at 10:45 in order to beat the hassle of leaving with the crowd.

After we left we went to the gas station and grabbed some ice cream and we came home and watched 17 Again with Zac Efron & Matthew Perry. Surprisingly, it was really good! I was really impressed. And I cried. Of course. Any ways, Adam and I enjoyed our time together but as far as Incubus goes, we won't be seeing them again. Here is a picture of us at the concert. Also, a testament to how crappy I was feeling:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

James's Big Boy Room

As promised, here are pictures of James's big boy room:

The pictures in the black frames on the wall are of his dogs. We're going to get some big dog wall art at some point for him. (Also, that dresser was my brother's when he was little!)

James really likes to play on his bed! And I just LOVE this comforter!

Also, had to get a pic of Uncle Justin's guitar!

Back to the Blog

A few days ago I was reading a friend's blog and she questioned why no one else was updating their blogs so I figured I needed to get back on track! We've been busy with house projects and friends that have come in to town but it has all slowed down thankfully. We still aren't done with the floors we put down. We haven't put the quarter round on, but for now I'm happy. It's such a chore! I finally got James's room pretty much done. I'll post some pics soon. (After I go make his bed!)

Also, we finally started meal planning & I'm actually sticking to it! With the exception of a dinner out with friends occasionally, we have eaten at home quite a bit lately. (Which, if you know us at all, you know that's a big step for us!) During one of our shopping trips we discovered something AMAZING. It's called Batter Blasters.

It's an all organic pancake mix that comes in a can similar to a whip cream can. It's pretty healthy and super easy. Instead of having to make the mix from scratch (or make a whole batch and have a lot left over) I can just make 3 or 4 pancakes. Usually, I will also add in blueberries to the pancakes, too. (Though Adam on occasion has been known to throw in some chocolate chips!) A bottle of Batter Blasters is $3.99 here and it lasts us over a week usually. The main reason I love it more than making Bisquick or something like that is because if I make that I have a ton left over and then if we don't eat pancakes in the next few days they go bad. With Batter Blasters I don't have to worry about that because I make them when we want them. James LOVES them and they're so good they don't even need syrup. Even when I don't add blueberries we eat them plain. (Because who really wants a toddler to play in syrup any way?)

And, they're so good that James feels the need to stuff as much in his mouth as possible:

As soon as I make James's bed I'll take some pictures of his new room and post them on here as well. :-)